In-Person Introduction to Tambour work with Bob Haven

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Date(s) - March 14, 2022 - March 18, 2022
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Introduction to Tambour work with Bob Haven



Robert W. Haven, author of “Tambour Beading and Embroidery” has featured his award winning work for the Behringer Crawford Museum in Covington KY, the Fashion History Museum in Cambridge Ontario, as well as at the World of Wearable Art Museum, in New Zealand. Bob has also authored various articles for Vogue Patterns as well as Piecework Magazine.

Embroidery and beading have been a significant part of the life of artist, and designer Bob Haven. In 1973 Bob’s interest in embroidery was first peaked with the PBS program, Needleplay with Erica Wilson. 30 years later Bob would be at the same institution of The Royal School of Needlework, having completed the concentrated course in hand embroidery. Additionally, Bob would be a guest artist, giving demonstrations on the current PBS program, Fit2Stitch! Whilst embarking on sabbatical in 2008 Bob completed the professional course of Haute Couture Embroidery from L’ecole Lesage in Paris.

Bob Haven throughout his career has taught both as a professor of Costume Technology and as well as a Tambour embroidery instructor for fashion schools in the US as well as abroad. Bob continues his practice from his home Studio in Lexington Kentucky.

Tambour embroidery is, without doubt, the most widely practiced method of embellishment in the French Haute Couture Fashion industry. This series of classes will teach the student first the basics of utilizing the tambour hook and continue on to advanced techniques and methods used in embellishing garments and accessories. These classes are also recommended for students interested in beginning a career of their own in fashion design with a focus on embellishment, or a career as a technician in embellishment making for bridal, fashion or custom clothiers.

This introduction into Tambour embroidery will first allow students to explore the history of its practice. Along with the basic stitch technique, students will learn the use of the specific tools and materials used in tambour beading during this week long course.

These skills include:

• The dressing of the frame.

• Mounting the hook into the handle.

• Learning the sequence of steps for making the basic stitch.

• Learning production style methods for expediting work. Along with correct hand position to promote speed and the use of the various size tambour hooks.

• Students will also experience stitching with various threads including cotton, silk, rayon, and metallics to create various textures and effects

• Students will learn the basic techniques for applying various beads and sequins.

This class will require a kit to be purchased by the student upon arrival for 125$

Introduction to Tambour work kit for Level 1 includes:

• Tambour frame and 4-c clamps.

• Thread stand, specialty threads plus DMC multiple shades for blending.

• Tambour handle with 3 tambour hooks, #70, 90 and 130.

• Silk Organza fabric for initial practice and another piece for sampler done at home based on multiple chapters of the Tambour Beading book.

• Bugle beads 3 in sizes.

• Seed beads.

• 10 worms of sequins 5/6mm cup and flat novelty sequins

Students will additionally need to provide:

• Black and white machine sewing thread, one spool of each. Coats and Clark polyester wrapped polyester is recommended. Avoid 100 % cotton as it frays easily, and Gutterman’s thread for this class.

• Embroidery scissors

• A note book, and pencils for tracing patterns

Recommended reading for this class is: Tambour Beading and Embroidery by: Robert W. Haven

This title can be purchased in a variety of formats for student’s convenience. This book is available as a printed on demand book, keep this in mind for ordering in advance.

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