Kevin is a free-lance professional singer, performing with many Bay Area groups including Clerestory and Endersnight. Kevin learned tatting in order to keep the tradition alive and as a viable activity that could be done while traveling. Tatting for over ten years now he has made many snowflake ornaments, bookmarks, edgings and pairs of baby shoes to give as gifts and he has an ever growing collection of tatting shuttles. Kevin resides in San Francisco.

Upcoming Classes

Tatted Edges

August 7 & 14

This class is designed to be a continuation of learning the basics of tatting.  After a review of the double stitch, rings and picots we will move on to tatted chains.  The class will focus on good tatting technique and on reading various kinds of tatting patterns and you will learn how to finish the project by sewing in the ends.  The goal of this class will be to make a simple medallion of rings and chains. Register here.

Past Classes

Shuttle Tatting for Beginners

May 29 & June 5

Have you admired tatting and wondered if you could be able to tat?  Well, wonder no longer!  This class, intended for beginners will get you on track for shuttle tatting, learning the tools and technique.  We will concentrate mainly on learning the double stitch – the stitch all shuttle tatting is based on.  Once the double stitch is mastered, you will make rings and picots and learn how to connect rings through picots.  The goal of this class will be to create, with practice, a simple edging of connected rings and picots. Register here.