About this event

Join us for our online World Embroidery Day all day stitch in with the instructors of SFNAD!

World Embroidery Day is another great excuse to sit down and pick up a needle and thread. Join us for an all day get together where we share our work and mutual love of embroidery with embroidery enthusiasts from all over the world!

World Embroidery Day was created by Kerstin Nettelblad and Skåne Sy-d, members of the Swedish Embroiderer’s Guild. The first World Embroidery Day was celebrated in Vismarlöv, Sweden, on July 30, 2011 making this year its’ 10th Anniversary! So pick up some floss and a needle and join us as we celebrate the slowness of stitching and the company of needle, thread, fabric and the SNAD community.

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