On June 10, SNAD will be collaborating with Build a Nest, an organization working for global economicinclusivity, women’s wellbeing, and cultural Preservation! Nest is issuing a worldwide challenge, calling on people everywhere to reconnect with, and build their appreciation for, the act of making first-hand. For 25 days throughout June, Nest will release a different Act of Making connected to artisanship and crafting.
By following the 25 Acts series of weekly emails and daily posts on Instagram and Facebook, people of all ages can take part in the month-long crafting challenge and will have the opportunity to win fun handcrafted prizes along the way. Nest will be helping people meet their challenge goals by releasing Acts of Making that are easily achievable (even with a limited skillset and a busy work schedule).

SNAD’s selected Act of Making day is June 10, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

Head to buildanest.org/25acts and/or follow along on Instagram and Facebook by following @buildanest.