Molly C. Meng studied literature with a personal minor in collecting other people’s lives.

An obsession with old notebooks, vintage photos, and every single discarded book that exists, her work reimagines untold stories behind the otherwise forgotten items of everyday.  A self-taught artist, the medium of collage in both paper and textiles is Molly’s dominant form of communicating.  She successfully weaves the elements of ephemera and storytelling into each piece she creates.  The spectacular beauty of the ordinary is elevated with detail in her work. Molly’s work has shown nationally in New York and San Francisco and has produced large scale commissions for Prometheus Apartments in Northern California.  She teaches creative workshops around the U.S. as well as on annual trips to the South of France.  Molly C. Meng is currently living and working in Los Angeles.

Past Classes

Fabric Memoir Book

March 23, 2019
Based on vintage linen folding maps, in this workshop, students will create a folding fabric book that holds the dearest treasures. Beginning with a “blank page” (linen/hemp fabric), we’ll cut and sew and collage; we’ll age book pages and create missives to build a story on individual fabric squares, each one then hand-sewn into your book. We’ll explore different stitches that can be applied on each square.

Slow Stitch

March 24, 2019
Join us for a workshop where you will dive into more juicy fabric than you can imagine, as we offer up the vintage, the special, the lovely, the cotton, the linen and the silk, all for your slow-stitching pleasure. We won’t be using machines but turning our minds and our hands towards an improvisational panel that is created stitch by stitch. Students will be introduced to the joy of hand-stitching a piece of work, sharing fabric in a unique way, as well as mending techniques for tiny repairs. An afternoon spent with like-minded creatives, all focused on this meditative stitching is a fabulous kind of day! This is a process-oriented workshop, wherein students will develop their work intuitively by choosing fabric colors and textures while we discuss both improvisational and dedicated design concepts to approach their finished piece.