Judith Epstein-Williams is a SF resident who has been quilting for over 30 years. Her innovative, casual style has been displayed and awarded in national quilt shows. She will be enjoying a solo show at the new location of SFSNAD in March of 2022. Her workshops focus on hand-stitched quilting, expanding SFSNAD’s repertoire of fiber arts techniques.

Upcoming Workshops (2022):

March 26th: Yin and Yang Appliqué (In-Person)

Learn to use freezer paper to applique smooth, curved shapes and designs. In this class we will make a simple Yin & Yang design, but you’ll leave knowing how to apply the technique to create your own designs with virtually any shape. Register here.

April 2nd: Piecing with Hexagons (In-Person)

Making Hexies is simple and addictive; a basic building block of a quilt or embroidery that can be a background fabric or a focal point. They can adorn clothing, be used to patch a hole in a jacket, or crafted into items like pincushions and needlebooks, to name a few. This class will demonstrate a time-honored method of making hexagons out of fabric, as well as a few of my own innovations. In this 3-hour class you’ll make either a pincushion or a needlebook as your jumping-off point. Register here.

April 9th: Layered Appliqué (In-Person)

In this class we’ll use freezer paper to build up layers of applique to create textured designs based on simple shapes, which can then be finished with simple embroidered stitching. Register here.