About our Stitch Clinics

Our “Stitch Clinics” have been designed to cover the essential components of many embroidery projects. Each class covers a different subject, providing helpful tips related to that subject. We encourage students to bring a project to share so everyone can learn how to handle problems and have their technique questions answered.

Each class is offered four times per year. Please check our online class calendar or our searchable events page for dates. We will be updating our in-person class scheduling in August 2021.

Stitch Clinic Topics:

Preparing Frames:

In this class you will learn about dressing a slate frame, binding hoops and advice on which frames are best for different occasions. This is 2-hour class from 9:30-11:30 am. It is always held on a Wednesday to coincide with our free Stitch-In. That way, you can stay after class if you wish and work on framing up your own project.

Transfer Techniques:

A transfer technique refers to the method in which you transfer an embroidery design onto fabric. There are many different transfer techniques to choose from. In this class we will discuss a variety of transfer methods and which ones are appropriate for different embroidery techniques. Examples of techniques include: pricking and pouncing, light box or window transfer, water soluble pens and pencils, using waste canvas, iron-on transfers, carbon paper, and tacking through tissue paper.

Long and Short Stitch:

Long and short stitch is a technique used in needlepainting. Needlepainting is commonly used to create life-like floral imagery or animals and can also be used to fill any large shape with an even layer of stitching as seen in crewelwork. In this class we will work on mastering long and short stitch. This will include exercises that will help you to understand stitch length, coverage, angles, shading, and blending of stitches.

Padding and Couching:

There are a number of padding techniques used in embroidery that can help to create more dynamic pieces, providing an element of shape and depth as well as structural support for certain kinds of stitches. In this class we will cover padding using stitches, felt, card, string, batting, and wadding. This class will also cover couching. Couching is a technique where one thread is used to hold down another thread on top of the fabric. We will cover variations on couching such as trailing, appliqué edging, and decorative couching.

Please check our online class calendar or our searchable events page for dates.