A world where textile crafting is preserved, practiced, and passed down.


To preserve and advance the art of hand embroidery – a globally practiced craft.


We honor imagination, creativity, and the making of handmade objects. We provide excellence in craft education from beginner to professional levels, taught by knowledgeable educators with diverse cultural and technical perspectives. We engage intergenerational communities who exchange slow craft traditions in a collaborative learning environment; for the pleasure, enjoyment, and benefits of practicing a slow craft. We broadly share our resources for exploration of the vast history, world heritage, and splendor of hand embroidery; inspiring innovation, promoting cultural awareness, and supporting research and the joys of discovery.

Equity Statement

In order to eliminate barriers that prevent anyone from appreciating and contributing to the teaching and learning of hand embroidery – one of the world’s most ancient crafts – in their own unique and valuable way, the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design Board of Directors and Staff stand united with all racialized, marginalized and underrepresented individuals. We affirm our identity as an organization that welcomes all regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, age, cognitive style, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and/or physical ability. We are committed to speaking out and to holding ourselves accountable and adjusting our own actions whenever we encounter racism, discrimination, or oppression. We further commit to ensure that we are providing an environment where everyone is accepted, valued and respected, while fostering a strong sense of belonging for all individuals.