Introduction to Hand Embroidery Series

Our Introduction to Embroidery Series will introduce you to foundational embroidery skills such as how to thread the needle, how to start and end your threads, and how to use an embroidery hoop. You will have the opportunity to practice stitching with four different kinds of threads: wool, cotton, metallic, and silk. In addition to the fabric for the finished design, you will be provided with a “doodle cloth” for practicing your embroidery stitches.

This series consists of six different classes. Each one has a different subject matter (i.e. Animal, Flower, Building) and two design options, a traditional design or a contemporary design. You can take as many of the classes as you like and in any order that you wish. You will learn eight different stitches in each class, or a total of 48 stitches if you take all six!

See below for details about each of the classes. Click Here to search for dates and to register.

Class minimum: 3 students


A Flower:

Contemporary or traditional choice worked on silk fabric.


  1. long and short
  2. raised stem band
  3. stem stitch
  4. seeding
  5. pistil stitch
  6. needle-woven picot
  7. wheatear stitch
  8. coral knot stitch


An Animal:

Stag or Giraffe worked on linen fabric.


  1. satin (padded)
  2. turkey rug
  3. chain/detached
  4. feather
  5. French knot
  6. eyelet filling
  7. rope stitch
  8. darning

 A Geometric Design:

Art Deco or Triangle design worked on cotton twill fabric.


  1. trellis stitch
  2. woven wheel
  3. heavy chain
  4. herringbone
  5. Portuguese knotted stem
  6. closed buttonhole
  7. backstitched chain stitch
  8. chevron filling



A Building:

An antique sampler style house or “Painted Lady” worked on linen fabric.


  1. battlemented couching
  2. Van Dyke
  3. backstitch
  4. counted satin
  5. knotted pearl
  6. diagonal cross filling
  7. ladder stitch
  8. cross stitch


A Plant:

Elizabethan style peas or contemporary cacti worked on cotton twill fabric.


  1. burden
  2. raised chain
  3. outline
  4. fishbone
  5. Palestrina knot
  6. fly
  7. Pekinese
  8. sword edging


An Insect:

Traditional bees or modern beetles worked on silk fabric.


  1. laid work
  2. whipped wheel
  3. couching
  4. buttonhole
  5. bullion
  6. buttonhole bar
  7. ermine filling
  8. whipped backstitch