An enjoyment and appreciation of the beauty of nature and natural forms is the motivating inspiration behind Lois’s designs. Essentially she paints with thread, creating the illusion of light, shadow, perspective, and texture through thread and stitch selection and placement.

In her ‘threadscapes’ she uses canvas embroidery to record memorable places and experiences much as others use travel journals, photo albums, and sketch books.

Her study of Ikebana — Japanese flower arranging — for nearly twenty years has influenced her Sashiko pieces which feature both traditional motifs and contemporary designs.

Past Classes

Thread Sketching

June 7 & 8, 2019

Thread Sketching explores how to turn small scenes into a stitched work of art. Thread sketching is similar to drawing lines on paper with a pencil. Using fabric as the ground material, thread sketched lines are created using needle and thread. A variety of counted and surface embroidery stitches can be used to enhance the image.

Class will start with an exercise identifying primary and secondary lines using postcards of famous paintings.  Students will then create a small line study of their selected scene. Students can use one of the provided San Francisco scenes or bring one of their own choosing to class. To fit the provided fabric the scenes need to be approximately 4” wide by 4” high.

A second exercise will explore 1-point and 2-point perspective since line direction helps give a sense of depth. Students will then transfer their scene to lugana fabric which will be backed with muslin and mounted in an embroidery hoop. Stitching will start with a basic thread sketching technique, essentially taking stitches following the primary and secondary lines drawn on the fabric. Students may use stitched models as guides, but will be encouraged to interpret their scenes individually. Register here.