April Sproule is an artist whose medium is textiles. She has a great love of design and the numerous
ways it can be used to enrich our lives. She has been sewing and creating with fiber since she was old
enough to hold a needle. She received her early professional training at the San Francisco School of
Fashion Design and continued her education by studying textiles, art, and business.
For 20 years, April was employed by several different fashion and accessory manufacturing firms in
the United States and Canada. Her area of specialization was design/new product development. Since
2001, April has been a full-time studio artist who works as a designer and workshop facilitator.
Taught to embroider by her grandmother, April returned to her love of hand stitching in 2014 as she
began incorporating embroidery into her textile art and upcycled clothing. From there, she developed a
collection of Contemporary Hand Embroidery patterns, the Contempo Collection, and began teaching
others her particular style of embroidery.

Visit April’s website at www.sproulestudios.com

Upcoming Classes

Contemporary Mandala Workshop

August 24
This type of hand embroidery is very easy to learn as we cover fabric selection, marking tools, and many useful tips and techniques. We will also cover how to choose the right type of embroidery stitches and thread types for different applications. Detailed instruction will be given on how to create a variety of stitches and use them in really interesting ways. Fun, enjoyable, and rewarding, this work lends itself to many different types of uses such as the embellishment of clothing, fiber arts projects, and small gift items. Register here.